Latest 15 Games for Nokia 5800 of 2009

The Nokia 5800 is a smartphone and portable entertainment device by Nokia. Code-named "Tube," it is the first touchscreen-equipped S60 device by Nokia. It's part of the XpressMusic series of phones, which emphasizes music and multimedia playback. The touchscreen features tactile feedback (though it doesn't utilize Nokia's upcoming Haptikos technology.).

The 5800 has a compatibility mode for Java applications that are not touchscreen-aware. It works by using part of the screen for displaying the essential buttons required by the program.

Here I have some game applications suitable for the Nokia 5800 music edition ... interested? .. download(please remove **)
Total 2795 Latest 15 Games for Nokia 5800 of 2009 reviews with Average Rating 5.3 / 7

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